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Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom Command Center

We think Boomer Nashua has the Best Mobile Electronics Showroom in New Hampshire, and maybe other places too, let us know what you think. Here is a view of some of our product displays because seeing is believing. If you like what you see, then come on in so you can touch and experience great products up close and personal. Our highly trained staff is always ready to answer your questions. Come to our Boomer Nashua Command Center for your Mobile Electronics SOLUTIONS.

Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom Alpine DisplayALPINE PRODUCTS DISPLAY
Alpine Electronics of America, Inc
., is the industry-leading manufacturer of high performance mobile electronics, founded in 1978. Alpine is the only manufacturer specializing in mobile multimedia, an integrated system approach incorporating digital entertainment, security and navigation products for your mobile entertainment.
Boomer Nashua mobile electronics showroom FOCAL displayFOCAL PRODUCTS DISPLAY
Since its foundation, Focal-JMlab has grown to become one of the main manufacturers of high fidelity, integration and multimedia systems. Headquartered in Saint-Etienne, France, it is now internationally recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacturing of loudspeakers for the home, speaker drivers for the car, monitor speakers for recording studio and headphones.
Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom JL Audio displayJL AUDIO DISPLAY
JL Audio
is an independent, privately-held U.S. company active in the Home, Mobile, Power-sports and Marine Audio markets. We focus on delivering unique engineering, superior quality and high-performance audio to our customers around the world. Behind all our efforts is a strong belief that great audio has real value, and that our customers can ‘tell the difference’.
Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom KENWOOD displayKENWOOD DISPLAY
USA has a reputation for bringing important new products to the consumer electronics market. The company built the first audio/video amplifier for home theater back in 1981. KENWOOD also created the first anti-theft car cassette deck that could be slid out of the dash; the first with an automatic broadcast sensor system and automatic noise reduction; the first with 24 presets; and the first polypropylene speaker cones.
Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom Video Panel DemonstratorDash Video Panel Demonstrator
Not sure if you want your display in your dash, or overhead.  Our mobile electronics showroom has this nice Demonstrator that lets you experience Both.  It is always nice to actually see it installed (sort of) in a vehicle to know what you prefer.
Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom Motorcycle & Marine Audio displayMotorcycle & Marine Audio Display
A truly great mobile electronics showroom must have a motorcycle/Marine sound room demonstrator, because motorcycles are pretty much as mobile as it gets. For either on the road or on the water, with both cowl and handlebar mounted speakers, you can hear what a couple different locations sound like. Not sure you want a sound system on your bike? Here is a way to experience some of the excitement without having to purchase a system first.  Try before you buy is really nice if you can do it here at Boomer Nashua.
Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom Remote Start & Security displayRemote Start & Remote Security Display
We carry the best remote start and remote security products available from Compustar and Viper. Check out our remote starter pages for more details.

Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom OEM Integration displayOEM Integration Display
OEM Electronics
updates to your existing factory systems that are designed to inter-operate flawlessly with them. This includes a wide variety of products from headrest video displays to integrated audio systems.  Ask one of our sales support folks for more information.
Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom ESCORT BELTRONICS displayESCORT & BELTRONICS Display
Escort Inc
. has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing industry leading radar/laser detectors and premium automotive accessories right here in North America for over 30 years.
Beltronics offers the best performing radar and laser detectors on the road.  The new STi Magnum features our TotalShield™ Technology that makes it completely invisible against any type of radar detector “detector”.
Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom K40 DisplayK40 Radar Detection systems Display
K40 Electronics
offers the most advanced line of radar detecting and laser jamming systems in the world.
More than just detection; it’s protection from speeding tickets.
Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom Racesport Lighting displayRace Sport Lighting Display
Race Sport
Lighting is one of North America’s premier suppliers of lighting, catering to the professionals in the automotive, truck accessory, power sport, 12 volt, and marine markets. We carry a wide selection of their lighting products, and will gladly special order anything we don’t have.
Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom RaceSport HID displayRace Sport HID Display
Also provided by Race Sport, Brand new high-intensity discharge lamps make more visible light per unit of electric power consumed than fluorescent and incandescent lamps since a greater proportion of their radiation is visible light in contrast to infrared.
Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom displayWeatherTech Display
is a top of the line producer of American made Bed-liners, Floor Mats, mud flaps and the like.  Their products are better than factory and we think they are better than the best.
Boomer Nashua Mobile Electronics Showroom Whelen & USASpec displayWHELEN & USASpec Display
Whelen Engineering
offers top of the line products for the Automotive safety lighting and sirens market. Everything we offer is designed and manufactured in the USA.
USA SPEC is a manufacturing and engineering company that markets a full line of OEM integration products for the 12 Volt industry. We both engineer and manufacture all the products we carry.