Boomer Great Upgrade Ideas

There are so many useful and interesting things you can do with your ride, to help prime your brain cells here are some Boomer Great Upgrade Ideas. Look at the interest areas below, and find the one that is trying to get your attention. When you find it, watch it’s slide show of many related installs we have done. If you like any picture in the slide show, clicking on it will open it in a new window to let you read more about that install. When you finish looking at that install, close the new window and you will be back here again. We hope our Boomer Great Upgrade Ideas help you to make your ride (mobile electronics platform) better, safer, lots more fun and interesting.  It’s Always a great day at Boomer Nashua. Great gifts too, give it as a Boomer Nashua Gift Cardboomer-nashua-gift-card-widget.

Seat Upgrades

The seat is the most personal part of your ride, mostly because it is what you sit on or in depending on the fit. Like the garments you wear fit is very important, the right seat can reduce back pain, or provide therapeutic comfort heating. Seats are an obvious upgrade, that is why they are first on the list. HEATED, Embroidered, Leather, Performance Racing, Deep Bucket, to name a few.

Remote Starter Upgrades

Every Car or Truck can get a remote starter upgrade. You can also have a remote starter with a manual transmission. You can get one that can be controlled by a mobile phone. Some come with a built in security system, others have a 2000 foot control range. Some of the remotes are two way allowing the car to tell you it started successfully. There are a variety of popular cars on the left, because EVERY car can have a remote starter upgrade. Click on any car to go to our remote starter installation page.

Hands-free Phone  Upgrades

Living in NH you come to realize that using a cell phone when driving is not just dangerous but now expensive. NH House bill 192-133 went into effect July 1 2015. Many other states have similar laws as well. If you are active social individuals like us, updating your ride with hands-free Bluetooth is a must. There are solutions for all mobile phone types, and there is always a best solution for you. To read more about the NH law click here (Driving toward Zero). By all means, ALWAYS DRIVE SAFE. Need a gift? There couldn’t be a better gift from you than a Boomer Nashua Hands-free solution, because you love them so much.

Lighting Upgrades

Lighting is both useful and interesting, it can be bold and dramatic. And when it is off, you don’t know it’s there. You can be a night cruiser with under chassis lights, or a work vehicle that can be seen when it is stopped.  Lighting is like art, you can create a feeling with it, you can get others to look at it with appreciation.  And above all, it helps your ride to gain some personality.

Wheel Upgrades

 A good set of wheels needs to be safe by staying on the road and not exploding. Most all wheels do that, they can also provide performance designs that keep them glued to the road around corners. Wheels can change the look of your ride too. Choose the right profile, color, style and change everything about how your ride looks. Boomers can also color match them to your car as needed, we do it all the time.

Marine Audio Upgrades

Do your or your friends have a boat? Did you know we consider boats to be Mobile Electronics platforms just like cars & trucks. Here are some audio upgrade pictures, but you can also get Navigation, lighting, and other electronics upgrades too. All marine quality products that can step up the tech on your boat to a new level. Surprise your friends on your next outing with some great sound.

Sub-woofer Upgrades

Does your Radio need a bit more bass, or it might sound a bit weak? You might need to add a sub-woofer to boost up the bass a bit. We have a number of different types of subs to best fit every different application. Better yet, we can install that sub-woofer in places you would never imagine it would ever fit. We make them look nice too, and with lighting if you desire.

Radar Detection Upgrades

A radar detection system upgrade can come in many forms, from a hardwired device (Range Rover-Corvette), to a full stealth defensive radar install. A custom install provides a nice location for a basic system. Where a full stealth system hides everything from the indicator (lights in the dash), hidden sensors and laser diffusers, it even has a tiny remote control to run it. We install all of these types because no single solution best fits everyone. Visit our premium stealth radar page here for more information.

Retro Radio Upgrades

You have a really awesome head turning Classic Car, almost perfect. We know you want high tech radio upgrade because so would we. Integrating a modern radio while maintaining that retro classic look is something that we can do. Plus we can find ways to closely match your original radio style and fit. This is important, because it needs to look like it belongs there. It is important not to mess with a classic car’s personality, who knows what that can do?

Motorcycle Upgrades

We love motorcycles because they offer so many neat upgrade opportunities. So many ways to add new speakers, even more ways to customize and make your bike unique. We can do small upgrades all the way up to a complete makeover. Wheels, Soundboxes, navigation, displays, new radios, even lighting. We have it all here at Boomers Nashua just for you and your friends.

Door Panel Upgrades

A cars side door panels are a great place to add new or larger speakers to expand your car or trucks sound. This obvious upgrade can be as simple as changing out old or low end factory installed speakers with premium replacements. Or, if you want to optimize that space, because we can, a custom molded enclosure can be designed and installed. Either way, the better sound result will make you smile and amaze your friends.

Video Upgrades

Video panels are great, you can display a LARGE GPS map on it versus squinting at that little tiny Garmin display. You can let your passengers watch a video. Does your ride have one? Or did the factory forget to leave a place for one?  We can solve every one of those road blocks and show you a variety of places where a panel could fit. Seat back displays for ‘back seat drivers’ is super easy and they look great too. Or if you have a van, see the picture of the large display we installed, WOW!

Trunk (Boot) Upgrades

Custom interior work is always a nice touch, particularly the trunk. Originally just a place for the spare tire, luggage and what ever you wanted to forget you had, it is now like having an extra room in your house. A very common upgrade is to use the trunk as a home for the car’s Sub-Woofer(s). We can actually make the trunk into part of the speaker enclosure and really get some great Tones to come out. Or you want it to look nicer, because you like to show it off to your friends and family. Nice carpet, properly built panels and a few clever extras really do the job well.