Best Premium Radar Detection System

We customize and improve vehicles, we add better sound systems, video in special places, stealthbomberwe can make fast cars go faster, and all sorts of really great stuff. its nice to be noticed, and its even better to know when you are being watched. As an authorized installer for K40 Electronics, we can install STEALTH premium radar technology, or at least what we would call affordable stealth. For full strength stealth,  you cannot imagine what that special paint could cost, and the required body style might not look real nice. Though not true STEALTH, our K40 premium radar detection system will serve you well.

Our K40 system does this:

  • Can shut off below 30 MPH (Quiet Mode, no one knows its there)
  • Custom installation uses hidden blue LEDs in the instrument cluster for visual awareness HUD effect (no looking for the indicator)
  • A patented rear radar receiver gives directional info for the radar source.
  • Sensors are impossible to see, so you won’t get targeted for the install
  • One Year speeding ticket guarantee (only K40 offers this)

Radar Detection Warning
Mouse-over dashboard to trigger Radar Detection.

Come into our store and we can share more technical details with you. We would love to add your car to our gallery of K40 Stealth Cars. Check them out below.

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